Welcome to Year 2! 


In Year 2 our teachers are

  • Class 2.1 Miss Bradley (Monday - Wednesday) and  Mrs Barclay (Wednesday - Friday)
  • Class 2.2 Miss Thorne
  • Class 2.3 Mrs Cartwright (Monday - Wednesday) and Miss Port-Louis (Wednesday - Friday)
  • Class 2.4 Mr Love 
  • The Year 2 support teacher is Mrs Haasz.


Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Cameron, Mrs Tanner, Miss Tanner, Mrs Riley, Mrs Dart, Mrs Pepper, Mr Symmons, Mrs Porteous and Mrs Williams. 

The Year 2 Reading Assistant is Mrs Frost.


Year 2 Curriculum Handouts

Year 2 Topic Yearly Overview: Curriculum overview Year 2.doc   Image result for great fire of london


KS1 Reading and Writing Booklet: 2016 KS1 Helping Your Child With Reading & Writing booklet website.doc

Image result for reading + clipart

Year 2 Maths Booklet: Year 2 booklet updated.doc    Image result for maths clipart


Parent Information Meeting Power points:

Information about Read Write Inc Phonics.pptx

KS1 English.pptx

KS1 Maths.pptx


Term 6

Where we Live

Image result for stoke gifford

Topic Web: Where We Live topic web 2017.doc

Homework Ideas: Homework ideas.doc


Image result for jewish

Topic Web: Shalom Topic web 2017.doc

Homework Ideas: Homework ideas 2017 new.doc


Term 5 Around the World

Image result for world clip art

Topic Web: Around the world topic web 2017.doc

Homework Ideas: Around teh World Homework ideas 2017.doc

Term 4 Fighting Fit!

Image result for children keep fit+clipart

Topic web: Fighting Fit topic web 2017.doc

Homework ideas: Fighting Fit Homework ideas 2017.doc

Term 3 Passport to China

Image result for china flag

Topic web: Passport to China topic web 2017.doc

Homework ideas: homework 2017.doc

Term 3 Magic Materials!

Image result for materials 

Topic web: Magic Materials web 2017.doc

Homework ideas: Homework ideas.doc


Term 2 Let's Celebrate

Image result for celebrations

Topic Web: T2 Let's Celebrate Topic web 2015.doc

Homework ideas: Let's Celebrate homework ideas.docx

TERM 2 The Great Fire of London

Image result for great fire of london

Topic Web: London's Burning topic web for home 2016.doc

Homework ideas: Homework ideas 2016 new.doc


TERM 1 At the Bottom of the Garden 

Image result for westonbirt


Topic web At the bottom of the garden 

 Homework ideas.doc  


Westonbirt Arboretum

We had a great time on our school trip!


Year 2 Welcome Meeting

Click below for a copy of the power point and the hand out from the meeting.

Year 2 Parent Information Meeting 2016 handout.doc

Year 2 parents meeting 2016.ppt


Home Learning

For information on how to help your child read and write please click on the link below.


 Useful websites for Maths targets:

Maths Websites

Recommended books to share with your Year 2 child: