Year 6


In Year 6 we have been learning to code games in Scratch. Starting with the basics, we have been remixing and coding games, learning skills as we go. 

The aim is to plan and develop our own games in the coming terms. 

Have a look at the progress of our games so far. Play them, see what you think, see the code behind it and see if you can remix them!


Game tutorials can be found here


This is a basic game which goes over how to write script to control the cat and entering script to state what happens if the dog catches the cat. Use the left, right and up arrow keys to control the cat. 

If you remix it, can you add code to add a score, timer, can you make it a two player game? 

Space Invaders by Kye

Whack a witch looks at coding script so that we can add score and timer variables. Use your mouse to click on the witch when it appears. 

Digital Multimedia. 

For North America arts week, 6.1 used picture editing software to create pictures that showed the human impact on the natural environment with a play on perspective!