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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

Curriculum Art


Here at St Michael's we believe that high quality art engages, inspires and challenges pupils to experiment, invent and create. Through our art provision, children will increase their sense of achievement and self confidence to explore creatively in a visual way.

In both the Foundation stage and Key Stage 1, curriculum art is linked to topics and taught by the class teacher. At Key Stage 2, art is also linked to topics and is taught both in class as well as by Mrs Fraser.

We rotate our skills focus, ensuring that all elements of art are included and a progression of techniques developed. The skills of collage, drawing, painting, printing, textiles, 3D and use of ICT are all covered.  


Our art curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:-

  • produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording experiences
  • develop control in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques
  • evaluate and analyse our own and others work
  • explore great artists, craft makers and designers and understand their place in history and culture 
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         See below to explore the projects each year group has been working on.    

Year 3

During this year we have learnt how to use a card loom, weaving the weft through the warp strings, to create a book mark alien creature. It was tricky to keep the pattern of under and over going then remembering to do the opposite on the way back, but we managed it!


For this project we looked at two sculptors – Alberto Giacometti and Anthony Gormley.  We explored how to sketch the human body in different poses using the right proportions. Our favourite pose was then transferred into 3D using wire pipe cleaners to create the frame. We strengthened the models with masking tape then added scrunched up foil to finish off our version of a Giacometti's bronze figure. There were some very energetic poses and of course we had to include a dab! We also looked at Anthony Gormley's 'Field' and created mini clay versions of ourselves in response.


As part of our Going Green recycling topic we designed, made and printed a reusable tote style bag made from an old pillow case. We create printing blocks out of card and string (getting very sticky in the process) as well as making polystyrene press print tiles. We then practised printing and chose our favourite block to use on the final bag. We took inspiration from the natural world and the work of designer William Morris, along side the geometric patterns seen in Islamic architecture.



Year 4

In year 4 we have been focusing on mix media collage within a Natural Disaster Topic. We used pen and ink to create swirling tornados. The curved lines create the illusion of dynamic movement, whilst items whirl around in the vortex. We then looked at the ‘not so natural’ disaster of an Alien / Monster invasion! We created a cityscape using various collage methods then added fire, laser beams, semi destroyed buildings and finally the alien/monster.


Much of our native wildlife is under threat. During this topic we researched some key endangered British mammals and insects. We closely observed their form, creating sketches of them using the ‘Rule of Thirds’ to help our composition. Watercolour paints were used to paint the inside area, where we really studied the direction of hair, fur and spikes on the animal and tried to colour match accurately. A border of black ink work finished of the compositions with some contrast. Can you name the creatures you see?


Finally this year we were all very excited to journey to Harry Potter World near London. We got to see many of the sets used and even had a bit of a go on a broom stick and with a wand. Once we got back to school we used the computer programme Paint.net to put ourselves onto the sets and add the objects we wanted. We had some examples of fighting trolls and playing Quidditch.



Year 5



Year 5 began by stamping, stencilling and generally attacked fabric with paint to create a graffiti composition. On to this we added our own tag word, sewing it all together using various stitches e.g. back, running, and zigzag. The great thing about graffiti sewing is that it needs to look all uneven and edgy on purpose!

Term 4 saw us creating aliens creatures out of clay. Using a pinch pot as the open mouth, we added teeth, tongues, eyes and anything else we fancied. Every time we joined any piece of clay to another we used the 5 rules so that they stayed put (score / score / slip / wiggle/ smooth). Our gorgeous little creatures were then painted with acrylic paint and varnished.


We were transported back to Ancient Greece for our final topic of the year. We learnt to distinguish between Corinthian, Doric and Ionic columns. We used this knowledge to sketch them using various shading (value) methods e.g. stippling and blending (our favourite as it’s very messy).  Once we had drawn our columns, we created a pleasing composition, thinking about the remaining amount of negative space. Following this we created printing blocks using sticky back foam, exploding a type of column in rather interesting and unexpected ways. As well as this, we also created reduction polystyrene press prints of a column top. It was a busy term!

Year 6


Year 6 investigated Chocolate (great topic!) so we looked at sweet wrappers, the colours and fonts used and linked that to the work of Pop Artists, such as James Rosenquist and Roy Lichtenstein. Blowing up a chosen part of a wrapper, we created a design that was painted in acrylic to keep the strong colours. We also used sweet wrappers to create collages of a mundane everyday object. We needed LOADS of wrapper for this – thanks to all the staff who selflessly ate chocolate so we could use the wrappers!


Using the computer programme Paint.net we created cartoon versions of ourselves in the style of Julian Opie (who made the famous Blur album cover). It’s quiet a laborious process, building up the outline of face and hair by bending lots of individual lines. 


The last topic of the year saw us creating close ups of our favourite animals. We used view finders to focus on a particular section and sketched it out using a grid to help determine where lines started and finished. Powder paints helped us develop our paint mixing skills (we were only given the primary colours, black and white). Our focus was also on brush control to create the impression of different textures e.g. fur, feather, scales and hair.

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