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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

Performance and Music Showcase 



It is lovely to see so many of you using this as an opportunity to let your light shine!


Thank you to all those who have offered to  share their music making with us all.  It is a lovely thing to do and will make people smile. 

Thank you.

Lovely to see your ukulele ensemble Hackett family.

I'll upload a self-teach course on Charanga/Wumu for those who may have a ukulele at home.  Year 5 and 6 children will have had lessons in Year 4.

Meliha, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful performance on you flute.  It is one of my favourite pieces of music and I know that lots of children are painting rainbows and putting them in their windows.  You are doing so well.  I will also post a recording of me playing my flute.  I look forward to playing a duet together when we get back to school.  Keep practising and enjoy your music making while you are at home.

Thank you Mr Symmons for sharing your amazing drumming with everyone.  This is great!  It would be great to hear from some of our drummers at home.  

What lovely recorder playing, Katie.  Thank you for this wonderful performance.  

Click on the audio clip below and listen to the Hallett's RAP.  They used the Hiphop lessons from Charanga/Yumu as inspiration.   It sounds like you had a lot of fun doing this together.  Thanks for sharing with us.

Well done to Lisa and Imogen for connecting through video conferencing so that you can play your recorders together!  

Thank you to both Kobe and Lewis for some more amazing drumming!!  It is great to see that you are using this time at home to get lots of playing in.   Thank you for sharing.  

Thank you Violet for singing the Rainbow Song...and in Welsh!  A lovely song to go with all the rainbows in windows thanking the NHS and key workers.  

Lovely to see you practising your drumming and keyboard.  Well done!

This is great, Mrs Hughes!  A fantastic example of combining science and music.  What talent!

Thank you for sharing this and teaching it to the Year 5, Mr Byrne.  It must have taken a lot of practise! 

Grace, this is wonderful.  Thank you for sharing your performance of 'The Sour Kangeroo' from Seussical.  We are looking forward to getting back to our rehearsals as soon as we can.  

Samarth, thank you for sharing your Hindi song about how life is like a car.  What a lovely voice you have.

Rebecca, this is great to see you enjoying your online oboe lesson.  Fantastic!! 

Harry, I love your artistic responses to Holst's Planet Suite. Good to see you having such a good time with your sister.

Hi everyone!  I hope you enjoy listening to one of our favourite songs from Seussical.  My page turner is one of my sons.  Some of you may recognise him from Saturday Music Centre at the Hub.  He plays the clarinet.  My dog, Winnie, loves listening to me play my flute.

Wow, Jasmine!  You are doing so well with your piano playing.  Thank you for sharing your piece with us.  Enjoy having this time to make lots of wonderful music.  

What a treat for us, Yash.  This is one of my favourite musicals and lots of the children will know this one.  Thanks for sharing it with us.  Enjoy making more music at home.  

Great drumming Paige and Kian.  What rhythm!  Thank you for sharing with us.  Enjoy playing music together.  

Responding to music through movement is a wonderful thing to do, Kallie.  What a talented gymnast you are.  This is one of my favourite pieces of music as my daughter plays it all the time on the piano.  Thank you for sharing.

What a lovely mix of some of our favourite songs from Seussical! We are going to really enjoy listening to your performance.  Seussical will be an amazing production!! Keep singing the songs everyone!

What a fantastic performance of Arabesque, Yash.  It is great to see you enjoying playing the piano. What a treat! .

St Michael's Rocks!!  Let's see who is in the band today.  I wonder who pops up from home...

Wow!  Akila, this is brilliant playing.  Well done for using the recorder course on Charanga to teach yourself the recorder.  Fantastic!

Click on the audio clip below and listen to Tristan's amazing composition using FL Studio.  You are amazing at Music Tech!  Thank you for sharing with us.

Click on the audio clip below to hear Enzo singing Stegosaurus.  He learned the song from the Charanga Year 1 resources and then performed and recorded it with the backing track.  What a performance!  Thank you for sharing it with us.

If you didn't hear her on VE Day 2020, here is our very own singing teacher, Mrs Williamson, performing to the neighbours.  Well done and thank you.  

Click the link below to hear Natalia sing 'Dance Monkey'.  What a beautiful voice you have.  

'Greedy Guts' performed and choreographed by Enzo.  It is great to see how you are teaching yourself the songs on Charanga and then using the backing tracks to perform them.  Well done!

What a great idea using the music and backing tracks on Charanga to practise your flute, Isabelle.  Well done!

Well done, Akila.  You are doing really well teaching yourself the recorder using Charanga.  

Well done Sienna.  This is the perfect time to get some practice in and just enjoy playing.  You inspired me to play my flute yesterday.  I have recorded a song for you all that you will know very well.  

Lexi, it is great to see you having fun playing your harmonica. Well done you!

Here's a clip of Mr Freeman playing the melodeon. It's a traditional English tune called 'Speed the Plough'. I'm looking forward to having a bit more time to play over the next few weeks as there's nothing like music for keeping you busy and having fun. Keep up the good work everyone! Mr Freeman

We really do enjoy making music with you all.  Year 2, what a lovely song to sing in your homes with Mr Love.  Thank you for sharing it with the whole school community.  We can all sing along now.  Get singing...we could all sing this together when we are all back at school. School staff band - get practising! 

Click on the audio clip below and listen to Mr Byrne singing.  He used an APP on his phone to create this.  Thanks for sharing with us.

Thank you Mr Love and Mr Symmons for the morning singalongs.  It is lovely to think of us all singing around Stoke Gifford.  Thanks for bringing us together through your music.

Well done Minnie for accessing the recorder course that we use in school.  I hope you are enjoying playing along with the backing tracks.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful piano playing, Ines.  Lovely to see you using this time to make beautiful music. We will enjoy listening to your music.

Siona, what amazing flute playing.  You are doing so well.  I remember playing this piece when I started playing the flute.  Well done!

Who's in the band today?  A version of Baked Potato which is an NHS charity song.

Thank you for sharing Dance Monkey, Karstern.  We are going to enjoy listening to your piano playing.  Amazing playing!

Thank you Madelynne for your wonderful keyboard playing.  What a great idea to start learning during this time at home.  Well done!

Our staff version of Mamma Mia...wash those hands again. My, my, where's the soap and water?

Thank you, Aidan.  Your lyrics are amazing!  Download the document below to see Aidan's alternative lyrics to 'Happy'.  A brilliant thank you song for the NHS.  You could try singing his lyrics along to the backing track on Charanga if you like.

 Thank you NHS - song (1).docxDownload
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If you would like to sing 'Wash those Hands Again', you can download the lyrics below.  You may want to sing along with the staff clip or along with the backing track on Charanga.  Enjoy.  

 SONG To the tune of Mamma Mia.docxDownload
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Siona, what a beautiful performance of 'Joy' from iSingPOP.  Thank you.

It is great to see you having lots of fun learning the Y1 songs on Charanga.  You are really thinking about your performances.  Well done!