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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

Curriculum Music

At St Michael’s School our curriculum reflects our school vision: Let Your Light Shine. We want all of our children to be excited and motivated throughout their time at our school, and to develop the skills and knowledge to enable them to make the best possible progress in their learning.


We believe that a high-quality music education should engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and their talent as musicians. Through our music provision children will increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. Children enjoy exploring and creating music together and have regular opportunities to do this on their journey from EYFS to Year 6. They build on their own skills and are given opportunities to progress at their own level. Children who learn an instrument are encouraged to bring them to curriculum lessons for composing and performing sessions.


Mrs Murray is the Curriculum Enrichment and Music Leader throughout the school. Curriculum music is linked to topics.  In both the EYFS and Key Stage 1, music is linked to topics and is taught by the class teachers. In Key Stage 2, it is taught in the Music Room by Mrs Murray.


Our music curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:


  • perform, listen to, review and evaluate music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including works of the great composers and musicians.
  • learn to sing and to use their voices, to create and compose music on their own and with others, have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, use technology appropriately and have the opportunity to make good progress.
  • understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated, including through the elements: pitch, duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and appropriate musical notation. 


Intent, Implementation & Impact: Music

This outlines what the intent of our Music curriculum is and how we ensure children have access to and achieve this curriculum.

Progression of Skills

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House and Homes

In Year 2 we created lots of music linked to our 'Houses and Homes' topic.  We learned songs and composed music in response to the 'Three Little Pigs' story.  We also imagined what it would be like to live in a forest and we composed music inspired by the sounds we might hear.  We listened to 'Peter and the Wolf' by Prokofiev and composed music to represent the different characters.


Whole Class Recorders

In Year 3 we learned how to play the descant recorder with our class in the music room.  We learned about rhythm, notation and how to read music.  If we wanted to continue learning, we could join the lunchtime or after school club.


Natural Disasters

In Year 4 we learned the round ’Volcano’.  We explored pulse and rhythm, and practised performing rhythms from notation.  We developed our understanding of how to use drones, rhythmic and melodic ostinati in music.  We worked in groups to compose an instrumental section that represented the volcano erupting.  We used our understanding of the elements with a focus on texture.  We then worked on creating our own vocal section.  Finally, we combined the vocal and instrumental parts using an ABA structure and then performed to the class.

Whole School Curriculum Music Overview

This is where we develop musical skills by exploring, creating, improvising, presenting and evaluating musical compositions.

We enjoy exploring, creating, improvising, performing and evaluating in music.  We enjoy working together.



In Year 2 we created lots of music linked to our 'Celebrations' topic.  We learned about different cultures and celebrations around the world.  We explored different dances and composed music in response to different celebrations.  



In Year 3 we learned different songs about Egypt and how to create accompaniments keeping to a steady pulse.  We explored the use of drones and rhythmic ostinati.  We worked in groups to compose a rhythmic piece of music to represent the building of the pyramids.  


Whole Class Recorders

In Year 5 we learned how to play the fife in the music room.  We learned about rhythm, notation and how to read music.  If we wanted to continue learning, we could join the lunchtime or after school club.  There are practice sessions in the music room at lunchtimes.  

Whole School Musical Knowledge Curriculum Overview

This is where we develop an appreciation and understanding of a wide range of music from different traditions, genres, styles & eras and from great composers and musicians. 


Around the World

In Year 2 we created lots of music linked to our 'Around the World' topic.  We responded musically to traditional tales from around the world and different styles of music.  We learned about the continents, different cultures and some current global issues.


Endangered Animals

In Year 4 we listened to and evaluated 'Carnival of the Animals' by Saint Saens.  We discussed the movements in terms of the musical elements. We also found which of his animals were now endangered species.  We composed music in response to 'Carnival of the Animals' combining the musical elements.


Our Changing World - Mayans

In Year 6 we learned a song about the Mayans.  In groups we composed accompaniments to the song using our understanding of the musical elements.  We composed melodic and rhythmic parts developing our understanding of drones, and ostinati.  We performed and evaluated these compositions.  We learned about Mayan religious ceremonies and then listened to, learned and evaluated Anna Meredith’s ‘Connect it’.  We then composed our own group pieces inspired by 'Connect it' and Mayan ceremonies by developing ideas within musical structures.