Information for parents


Use the tabs above to find information about daily school life and the links in the margins for policies, documents and further information.  If there is anything you would like available on the website, please contact us.

School Tours for New Parents

If your child is due to start school in September 2015 and have not yet visited the school, please contact the school office to arrange a visit.

If you have an older child and would like them to come to St Michael's, please ring the office to arrange to meet the Headteacher and to look round the school.


Closure in poor weather

We aim to stay open in poor weather providing we have sufficient staff who can make it in. If the school is to be closed, a text message will be sent to parents by 8am, and a message will be posted on this website and on the South Gloucestershire Council website.



A newsletter is sent home every fortnight by email.  Paper copies are available from the office and the newsletters can be viewed in the news section of the website or by following the link below.

Parent Survey

The results of the most recent parent survey (February 2014) is now available. Please visit the consulting with parents section (click on the link below)

Information evenings

In September we hold phonics workshops for parents. Last year we held a maths information evening for parents. Please let us know if there are any other aspects of school life you would like to know about.