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Hello - And welcome to the St Michael’s PTFA! By being a parent at St Michael’s we are all automatically members of the PTFA and our ultimate aim is to enhance the learning experiences of our children by raising funds to extent the opportunities available to them at school.

We’re a friendly bunch and we meet once every term, and more regularly when we are working towards an event. We share the workload so that nobody ever goes home with a long list of jobs, and the more hands we have to help then the fewer jobs that are involved.

We are a Registered Charity No: 1035983 and are members of The Parent Teacher Associations UK.

On the pages which follow we can introduce you to the PTFA Team, our calendar of events and show you how we have spent the most recent monies raised.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact via email or our Facebook page. We look forward to seeing you soon!





The PTFA Team

Chair:           Laura Walker (Children in Years 3 and 1)
Vice Chair:  Jenny Webb (Children in Years 6, 4 and 2)
Treasurer:    Nina Moorhead (Children in Year 3) and Catherine King (Children in Year 3)
Secretary:    Julie Wilson (children in Y6, 4, 2)
Publicity:      Liz Farrell (Children in Year 2)


 Committee Roles.docx


Upcoming Events


Your PTFA has lots of new ideas and initiatives in store for you and the children, along with the many popular fundraising activities like: Fireworks, Secret Present Rooms, Christmas Card Project, Children’s Christmas Event, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Fair and many more.

Did you know you can raise funds for us whilst you shop online by shopping via the Easy Fundraising Website?

Reception T-Towel order form:

tea towel letter 2017.doc

Easter Egg Hunt 

Summer Fayre 




All of our events are fun and rewarding  for parents and children alike, and  great  for the community.   We are always in need of volunteers to help on the day- events like these take a huge amount of organising and there's lots to be done on the day to enable all the activities to take place. Without the support of people like you the events would have to be scaled down or cancelled. Why not get involved with our next event?  Please get in touch if you can help - even if it's just an hour on the day.  Every offer gratefully received.





PTFA Gallery 






Scare3crow Hunt 201