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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -



Traditional Tales

In Reception, we have been listening and responding to a variety of different genre songs relating to traditional tales. We learned to feel the pulse of the music, listened to changes in tempo and learnt about changes in pitch. We tapped out rhythms and explored instruments from our class rhythm box.

We watched Mrs Murray perform a rap and then performed our very own! Using a variety of different classroom instruments, we performed rhythms from a score. In groups, we composed our own music to represent bean plant growing. 

Year 1

Dinosaurs and Wild Things

In Year 1, we have been listening to songs and evaluating them. We have focused on the pulse of the music and learned how to move with it using body percussion. We have learned to sing a variety of different songs and perform them. We have explored instruments and discussed whether we needed a fast or slow, loud or quiet sound to represent different dinosaurs.

We listened to music to represent forests and composed a class composition. We talked about how music makes us feel.

Year 2


In Year 2, we have been listening to music and discussing how this reflects the different moods of the seasons. We have been on a nature walk around the school and listened to the beautiful environmental sounds of nature. We composed our own music and explored different instruments. We made our own minibeast rhythms and performed a Rhythm March!

We have focused on different genres of music, discussing which instruments can be used to represent different sounds.

We have explored how to read dot notation and practiced performing from a rhythm grid.