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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -


We want children to be very aware of the environment in which they live, but also of their responsibility towards the wider environment. This includes developing their understanding of local and global issues – and also helping them know how they can make a difference. 

Within our curriculum children learn about their local environment through opportunities to use the outside area both in the school grounds and further afield. 

Sustainability: each class has sustainability leaders to promote responsibility for different tasks. 

Children are encouraged to look after their school environment indoors and out.  Everyone helps to keep our school tidy.  Children are taught about how energy is produced and how avoiding waste energy is important to saving on bills and reducing climate change.  Children are encouraged to avoid wasting paper e.g. to use both sides before recycling in Green paper bags provided by South Gloucestershire Council.  


  • catalogues and telephone directories including Yellow Pages
  • newspaper, magazines and paperback books
  • office paper
  • leaflets and junk mail
  • envelopes without windows – envelope windows should be removed and disposed of in the black bin
  • shredded paper, place this in your bag for paper in a plastic bag or wrapped in newspaper

Do not use the paper bag for:

  • hardback books
  • wallpaper
  • paper contaminated with glue, food or similar