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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

Home Learning

Creating is good for you and it's fun.

Art can help us relax, express our feelings and improve our focus on other tasks. 


 Thank you to my wonderful St Michael artists who sent in some fantastic photos of their artwork. Have a look at Art Ideas 3 for some new ideas you can have a go at. Also check out the activities and videos on BBC Bitesize.

Scroll down for useful links, videos, challenges and the previous Art Ideas documents.


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Competition Time

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Check out this great animation by Noah.  Fantastic.

Jenny Urquhart tutorial

Create your own Bristol masterpiece by following the video. I am going to have a go too.

Thank you to Sienna who shared this link.

Go Sketch

Emma at GoSketch (who runs our Thursday after-school Art club) has set up  'Fun Sketch Friday'  on YouTube.  A free drawing challenge video will be added every week.

Check it out.


Lockdown Challenge

Created by Mrs Carter's brother. Can your family name them all? 

Some Useful links

BBC Bitesize (lots of activities as well as information about artists and designers)


WOW art - lots of video tutorials 


Art for Kids Hub - lots of fun video tutorials


Learn about the life of one of Mrs Fraser's favourite artists - Claude Monet - www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b668aY1Dgc


Learn how to make paper aeroplanes - 



Draw animals using a hand as an outline - 



Explore a gallery and have fun - games, quizzes and more  - www.tate.org.uk/kids



The Gallery

Well we've come to the last term of this school year and I'd like to say a huge thank you to all the children who have sent me pictures of their fabulous art work. I have enjoyed seeing each and every one of them. I've also been sent some fantastic links to art websites and tutorials that I didn't know before and have been inspired by you to try them out.  Keep on creating and having fun with art. 

Exhibitors:- Aitana, Hannah, Adelaide, Bella, Zara, Martha, Katelyn and Akila.


The Summer Term Gallery 1

Thank you to all our wonderful artists for sending in their beautiful creations. 

Samarth, Jasmine, Yash, Bella, Averil, Aila, Grayce, Siona, Sienna, Enzo, Josh, Rebekah, Charlotte, Daniel, Zara, Akila, Samanta, Eleanor, Holly, Lucy, Jon, Jacob and Robyn. (There's one from Mrs Fraser in there too!)

Spring Term Art Gallery

What a talented lot you are. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art work. I love how creative you all are.
The exhibiting artists are: Akila, Mia, Charlotte, Callum, Ines, Darcy, Lottie, Siona, Samanta, Alayna, Tyler, Enzo, Jasmine, Rosalie, Averil, Tabitha, Yash, Annabel, Eleanor, David, Sophie, Jon, Jess, Elena, Erin , Martha, Amanda, Holly, Lois and Teddy.