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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

St Michael’s Primary School

Curriculum Statement


Our School Vision: Let Your Light Shine

At St Michael’s School we provide a safe, happy and inspiring learning environment based around our core values of love, joy, hope and forgiveness. We celebrate the uniqueness of every child, and encourage them to shine in all they do, preparing them for life’s journey.

Intent: our curriculum ambition

Our curriculum both reflects and helps deliver our school vision.  We intend for all children to have an excellent foundation in the core areas of reading, writing and maths; to be articulate and confident communicators; to develop secure friendships and positive relationships; and to have access to a curriculum that excites, motivates and enriches their lives. We want all of our children to  to develop the skills and knowledge to enable them to make the best possible progress in their learning, and we aim to provide a very wide variety of additional opportunities for children to explore their talents. Our curriculum is highly inclusive, and we aim to to support every children, whatever their need, to be the best they can be. As a result all of our children will shine, and be well-prepared for the future.

What do we mean by shine?

  • Demonstrate an enjoyment of, and love for, learning.
  • Be caring and considerate both towards their immediate peers, but also to wards people they do not know
  • Show their uniqueness through their creativity and expression (eg through music and song, art, dance, and performance)
  • Develop their own particular talents through challenge in the curriculum and beyond (eg through sport)

'Your light must shine before people...so that they will see the good things you do' Matthew 5:14


Our curriculum will enable us to realise the aims of the school

Our aims are centred around our four core values: love, joy, hope and forgiveness


Implementation: how we will achieve our ambitions

Please click  here to access our full curriculum statement outlining how we implement our curriculum


Impact: how do we know if we are successful?

  • Through their learning children will develop a strong understanding of people, community and values.
  • Children will develop the key skills they need to develop their potential, and will achieve well by the end of their time in Primary School, so that they are well-prepared for their next stage of education. This will include a good grounding in STEM activities.
  • Children will have had many opportunities to develop their creative and artistic talents, and they will have had many additional opportunities to shine in their chosen way. This may be through the curriculum, or through the many clubs available.
  • Children will have a strong sense of personal identity and will be able to look forward to leading safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.
  • They will have a good understanding of current issues, including sustainability, and will be developing into responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to our local, national and global community.

Our Curriculum

Please click on the following pages to access further information about our exciting curriculum. The best place to start is our curriculum statement, which sets out our key underlying principles and aims. Further information is available about how subjects are delivered, and how our key themes are woven throughout the curriculum.






Creativity and enrichment