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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

Art Club 

At our school we are very lucky to have two art clubs running. One is organised by the Art coordinator and the other by an external professional artist - Emma from Go Sketch

Here are some of our projects ...... Enjoy!

Autumn Trees

We looked at the trees outside turning autumnal and Gustav Kilmt's Birch trees (as well as other artists). We created our own versions using a water-colour wash background and acrylic trunks. We had fun splattering on the different colour leaves.

Colour Wheel Flowers

We explored the primary and secondary colour wheel, using it as our background for a concentric circle flower design. To make the flowers we used Posca Pens (We love them!) and sharpies to add the final pattern.


Animal Face Collage

To create these amazing faces we first splattered paint, ink and crayoned large pieces of paper which we then ripped into strips. (This did get rather messy!) These were glued onto card in a star burst design. On to this we added oil pastel eyes, a nose then inked on fur or feathers. The eyes have a glint to them because I painted a layer of resin over them. They look absolutely fantastic.  

 Wooden Stepping Stones

We were lucky enough to have some large wooded slices donated to us which we decorated to create interesting stepping stones. 

Rag Decorations

It was coming up to Christmas and I saw lovely rag decorations in a shop window. We had a go at creating our own versions in Art Club by tying strips of fabric to sticks. They came out very well!


GO Sketch

GO SKETCH also run after school classes on a Thursday 3:30-4:45 and have produced some amazing art work! Here is just a small selection showing the variety of topics covered e.g.  Cartoons, Beautiful birds, Zendoodle Art, Comics, Space and many more... There is a new theme each term so keep your eyes open for posters detailing the next treat on offer or look on gosketch.co.uk