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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

Curriculum Art

At St Michael’s School our curriculum reflects our school vision: Let Your Light Shine. We want all of our children to be excited and motivated throughout their time at our school, and to develop the skills and knowledge to enable them to make the best possible progress in their learning. 

We believe that high quality art engages, inspires and challenges pupils to experiment, invent and create. Through our art provision, children will increase their sense of achievement and self confidence to explore creatively in a visual way.

In both the EYFS and Key Stage 1, curriculum art is linked to topics and taught by the class teacher. At Key Stage 2, art is also linked to topics and is taught both in class as well as by Mrs Fraser in the art room.

We rotate our skills focus, ensuring that all elements of art are included and a progression of techniques developed. The skills of collage, drawing, painting, printing, textiles, 3D and use of ICT are all covered.  


Our art curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:-

  • produce creative work, exploring their ideas and recording experiences
  • develop control in drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques
  • evaluate and analyse our own and others work
  • explore great artists, craft makers and designers and understand their place in history and culture.

Intent, Implementation & Impact: Art

Progression of Skills

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Curriculum Overview (whole school): Art

Art Overview for KS2 Topics 

Upcoming Events / Competitions

 St Michael's Arts Week. Lots of activities based on famous artists and composers. Look out for photos and art work coming soon. 


Artist Response - WOW

Hi Mrs Fraser and Year 4,

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful drawings with me. I am so impressed with all the detail and care you took with your line work. Drawing in pen is hard because you can’t erase anything, you just have to adapt if you make a mistake! I am so honoured to have inspired you all to create your own beautiful artwork. Drawing is very special to me and I couldn’t imagine life without it. I love being out doors and finding new things to draw, the possibilities are endless. I very much hope that creating these brought you the fun and magic it brings me and please keep up the great work! 

Warm wishes,
Rosalind Monks 

 Year 3: Stone Age 

We explored the importance of the handprint in Stone-Age art and how they created their own paints. (Yuk!) We created our own handprints in charcoal, chalks and ink, incorporating things that are important in our own lives. To decorate these we added a colour wheel (understanding that we can make colours now that they couldn't in Stone-Age times). 

Finally, we looked at the pots made by the Beaker Tribe and created our own, developing our manipulation of clay by making coil pots. 

Year 4: Surrealist Vikings!

We joined our history topic on Vikings with Surrealist Art. Yep, strange! In particular we looked at 'The Son of Man' by Rene Magritte. Here are some of our interpretations of it using the IT programme Paint.net.

Year 5: Artists Study

As part of our Crime and Punishment topic we looked at types of graffiti and focused our attention on an artist that developed their style from street art. We were all fascinated and inspired by Jean Michel Basquiat's designs.












Previous projects  Year 4: Endangered

During our topic Endangered we studied some of the most threatened animals in this country. We looked closely at their form (shape) and the texture on their bodies and surroundings. Watercolour paints were used to add colour inside a frame, with us all really focusing on our colour mixing skills.


Previous Projects Year 4: Winter Penguins

We  created a sky watercolour wash and then collaged on top with our weird and wonderful penguin characters.

Curriculum Art

Year 3: Egyptians

In our Ancient Egyptian topic we created drawings of pharaohs, gods and other people using a grid, follow the same rules that they did. We also studied the landscape of Egypt, looking in particular at the River Nile, mud brought by the floods, green planted areas and the sky. We creating weavings to represent these layers, some of us even having a go at putting pyramid shapes into them - it's hard!

Year 5: Ancient Greeks

We have been studying the architecture of Ancient Greece, in particular the columns that held up their magnificent temples. Looking the the 3 main types - Doric, Ionic and Corinthian - we explored them in sketches and through printing, creating collagraph block prints, polystyrene press prints and reduction prints. 

Ask any year 5 and they will tell you columns have teeth, moustaches and sausages! Really, they do!

Year 6: Artist Study

Creating our own digital portraits, in the style of Julian Opie, is one of the projects we all look forward to. The key to making them look realistic is faithfully outlining the face and hair, plus (strangely) adding the chin line! Click on the pictures - can you see those chin lines?

These portraits will be included in our Year 6 Yearbooks. I hope you look back on them in years to come and smile. 





Previous Projects Year 6: Mayans

We studied the glyphs and ceremonial headdresses of the Ancient Mayans. Looking at  fierce (and some not so fierce) animals from the South American rain-forests we incorporated them into our headdress design. These were then painted using powder paints  displaying our colour mixing skills.

Year 4: Natural Disasters

As part of a topic looking at Natural Disasters, we explored the form of volcanos, creating them in collage. First, we used paint and lots of interesting items to create the different textures we observed in volcano pictures. We then tore, cut and arranged pieces to make the 3 distinct sections of an exploding volcano.  

Continuing our collage theme (and explosions) we explored the work of PopArt artist Roy Lichtenstein, making onomatopoeia compositions. 

Year 4: Endangered

This year we looked very closely at the bodies of different British insects, many of which are endangered. We were really surprised at how intricate and beautiful they were. We were also inspired by the work of designer Rosalind Monks, who works in pen to create detailed designs.

Here are a few pieces of our pen work, some done at school and others whilst home learning.

Year 6: L. S. Lowry

As part of a topic based on the Victorians we looked at the industrial landscapes created by famous British artist L. S. Lowry. His work inspired our city collages, which included muted colours and focused on perspective.

Previous Projects Year 5: Crime and Punishment

Studying graffiti has been an interesting topic and we've noticed many types around Bristol, particularly focusing on the legal street art variety! We created our own printed brick walls then added a oil pastel blended tag with accents.