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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

GREENPOWER 2023 - 2024

Please see our race day 2024 pictures.

The team were awarded 2nd place in the Sprint Race and the Spirit of Greenpower Award for their support and encouragement of other teams


A huge thank you to Mr Jamal for giving us his time and talent as race photographer. Here is his selection of more than a thousand pictures! We feel that the photos really capture the team spirit shown by the pupils and their supporters, and that the team were successful because everyone really did let their light shine.

Please photos from our Avon Goblins Race Day 2024 when we hosted Frampton Cotterell and Horfield Primary Greenpower Teams  


 "The Galactic Legends" displayed their fantastic team work...from welcoming the teams and car checks to supporting the other teams to pushing, driving and all the work setting up and clearing away. Very well done


Term 6, Week 1

Following very competitive interviews in May, 2022, we have selected our team of 12, Year 5 pupils for the "Greenpower Formula Goblin" Challenge.


The team have named themselves and the car...

        Team name: Eco-Legends 

           Car name: Solar Speed

and have been working on designs for badges and logos.

The team are working hard on generating lots of small-scale sponsorship to pay for the car, tools and safety equipment. 


Race Day

at RENISHAW NEW MILLS GOBLINS, Wotton-under-Edge, GL12 8JR  Event Web-site  https://www.greenpower.co.uk/events/renishaw-new-mills-goblins-0 

Saturday 13th MAY 2023 8:30 – 3:30


Please find below, all the information needed for Race Day

Final/Updated Event Location Map and

 Final Updated Race Day info:

 Renishaw New Mills Goblin 2023 venue layout (1).pdfDownload
 Renishaw New Mills Goblins 2023 Pre-Race Information.pdfDownload
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 Letter to parents with Event Info/permission slips (24/4/23):

Permission form for parents to give others lifts to/from event (24/4/23): 


 Parents Providing Transport.docxDownload
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September 2022

Term 1 

We started building our Greenpower Goblin Kit Car today by getting to grips with the manual, guide videos, nuts, washers and bolts. 

We learned about the importance of "washers" for spreading the load at joins to make the joins stronger. 

We would like to thank BRISTOL HONDA, for pledging £100 towards the cost of tools for our build. 

We built the seat and started work on the chassis - we will build the steering column and add to the chassis next.  

Engineering Club can only go ahead with the support of our STEM sponsors

Many thanks go to...

The amazing Dan, at  signboard


Estate Agency Boards and More...

"In addition to your Estate Agency signs, we are now able to design and print letterheads, greetings cards, flyers, business cards, folders, brochures, postcards and almost anything else that uses ink!" 

Signboard will be supplying, cutting and delivering our car bodywork using waste plastic: supporting our project and putting business waste to another good use, THANKYOU! 

Rolls Royce, Bristol, for a Community Charitable Donation

The National Grid Hinkley Connection Project Grant for STEM

Term 2 The build continued...until... we found we had a missing part...which has now been ordered...we WILL complete building the kit-car in January 2023.

Now that the structure of the car has been almost completed, the last stages are to add the batteries, motor and connect the electrics...and the brakes!

A small team, led by Cedric, will continue working on the electrics whilst other team members can begin work on the bodywork.

As well as continuing work on the car, team members will work towards other elements of the competition such as a portfolio and team presentation: more details here  https://www.greenpower.co.uk/sites/default/files/uploads/PDF%20Document/Teacher%20-%20Goblin-updated%20V1%20(002).pdf

With this in mind, at the end of Term 2, the team explored and allocated leaders for the New Year. 

Chair person: Lisa (has the casting vote)

Vice-Chair: Jayden (will chair when Lisa absent)

Secretary: Jasmine (will make notes)

Treasurers: Harriet and Sienna (will update the accounts)

Technical Build: Cedric (will lead on adding the motor)

Events Organiser: Zac (will co-ordinate fundraisers)

Website and photography: Lisa (will update the website)

Bodywork Design/Resourcing/Construction: Mia, Jasmine, Siona, Jayden, James, Sienna...research first...

Fundraising: everyone...project ideas coming soon...


Term 3 

Pupils have been working on their "Grow a pound" projects.

At the end of the summer term we held ice-lolly sales to raise money towards the cost of the kit-car.

Many thanks to St. Michael's PTFA for supporting us with ice-lollies and use of their freezer cool bags.

Thank you to all parents who supported us with lots of buying!   

Term 4 

We are preparing for our first driving event - Avon Goblins 2023 to be held here at St. Michael's on Tuesday 28 March.  The car WILL be ready!

Well done team: the car is now ready to drive! 

First Powered Driving 21st March 2023 

Useful documents

Have a look at these Goblin G2 Build Guides