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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

Matilda - Practising the songs at home


All tracks are now available for your child to practise with at home.  In the 'Matilda Songs' folder below, are both rehearsal tracks (with vocals) and performance tracks (without vocals).  



All lyrics are available to download and print off.  These are saved in the 'Matilda Lyrics' folder below.  It would be appreciated if you could create a lyric pack for your child.


Please encourage your child to practise regularly.  It would be good if they could learn all of the words by the Easter Holiday Saturday Rehearsal.


They must only rehearse their parts now.  They know who has solos, which groups they are in and whether or not they are stage right or stage left.  Solos within songs, where all children also sing, are uploaded on the website.  Where children have solo songs (with no other singing) children have been emailed these tracks directly (Naughty Part 2/This Little Girl/Quiet)


Thank you for your support.


It is going to be an incredible show!!


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 Matilda Lyrics
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