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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -




Glockenspiels & Ends of the Earth Unit

In Year 3, we listened to and discussed lots of music inspired by snow and ice.  We started to learn about notation and how to perform from it.  We learned how to play glockenspiels, xylophones and metallophones and practised performing together as a class.  We also learned about pulse, rhythm, pitch, tempo, dynamics and texture.  It was great fun.  Some of us had a go at conducting. 


We also enjoyed singing and performing iSingPOP songs.



Romans and Boomwhackers Unit

In Year 4, we learned about pulse, rhythm, pitch, chords and melody when learning how to read and perform from various graphic scores on the Boomwhackers.  We also developed our understanding of notation.  We learned the 'Romans Marching' song and sang it in unison and as a round.  We created an accompaniment to the song as a class with some of us playing a chord on DFA and the rest playing the melody on Boomwhackers.  It really challenged us.  Some of us who play instruments had a go at playing the melody.  We also worked in groups to create an accompaniment to the song. We had to write down 3 different 4 beat rhythms using crotchets, quavers and rests.  We then played these with some of us playing the chord on Boomwhackers.  We experimented with texture by our leader bringing us in and out.  Mrs Murray played the melody on her flute.  We used the song as part of our Roman Day.