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St Michael's CofE Primary School

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Coronavirus Information


On this page we will keep you up to date with information regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.




Information about the reopening of school: September 2020

All schools in England will be reopening for all pupils in September. We have been busy preparing for this, following the latest government guidance. If you would like to read this guidance, as well as other related documents, please click on the links below


Guidance for parents: September reopening

Guidance for parents: metal health and wellbeing

Guidance for parents: out of school settings

For details of what reopening means for us, please click on the following documents. These were emailed to parents on 1/8/2020

Reopening letter for parents.doc

Key elements for September opening v3 for parents.docx

Parents and Carers FAQs.pdf

Test and Trace workplace guidance.pdf



Letter to parents 10 7 2020.doc

Parents and Carers FAQs.pdf

We will not be offering any summer holiday provision at school. This is mainly because there was insufficient demand to make it worthwhile - but also we need some time to reorganise the school (again!) and give staff a proper break. Details of local provision for keyworkers can be found in the letter below

Letter regarding summer holiday provision 7 7 2020.doc


Letter to all parents 22 6 2020.doc

ZOOM information for Parents Carers and Students June 2020 STM.docx


The government has announced that all children are expected to return full-time from September. This is great news, and we are already planning for this. We will be aiming to spend the first week or two settling children back in gradually, using lots of Thrive-based activities to support children's wellbeing and mental health. We will also have a whole-school mini-project to help bring us all together - in part because it is not clear whether events like school assemblies will be allowed to happen.

If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 6 they are strongly encouraged to return to school this term. The last return date is Monday June 29th. It is quite disruptive for all concerned to have new children join a class, and it takes children a week or so to learn the new routines and to start feeling positive again. We also expect all children who return to be full-time. The main point of being back at school is a resumption of 'normal' routines, and our teaching sequences depend on children participating every day. This applies equally to keyworkers. We have very few places left, and it is not fair to give a child a place for 2 days and deny a place to a child who wants to come back every day.



Letter to all parents 18 6 2020.doc



Next week we welcome back Year 6. Please read the following information carefully: we hope this will answer all of your questions.

 Drop offs and pick ups week 3 onwards.docx

Arrangements for reopening school UPDATE 2 11 6 2020.docx

Letter to Y6 parents 11 6 20.doc


There is also a letter for all parents with further information about what's happening this term and our plans for the summer break and September (see below). These plans are still at the early stages and are subject to change.




We are welcoming Year 1 back next week (June 8th): please see letter below for details. Year 1 will use the entrance to the left of the school (see plan below). All other year groups will keep to the same arrangements as last week.

We should know Y6 numbers by Monday, and will contact parents with final information mid-week

Please be ware that support for home learning for all pupils will lessen as almost all staff will be back in school over the coming weeks. Staff who have to remain at home for various reasons will be able to support pupils at home.

Letter to Y1 parents 5 6 20 FINAL.doc

Drop offs and pick ups week 2 Jun 8-12 final.docx


The latest government information for parents can be accessed by clicking here


Letter to Year 6 parents regarding school reopening: June 15th

Letter to Y6 parents 1 6 2020.doc



Letter to Year 1 parents regarding school reopening: June 8th

Letter to Y1 parents 1 6 2020.doc


For all parents Y1-Y6


Dear parents

Please find attached a letter about school reopening. This is for all parents, even if your child is not due to return next week

There are also a number of other attachments which relate to parents of keyworkers and vulnerable children who are returning next week. If your child is returning, please read these carefully.

Best wishes

Mark Freeman


Letter to Y1-Y6 Keyworkers & Vulnerables 29 5 2020.doc

reopening letter May 29 2020 (1).doc

Arrangements for reopening school UPDATE 1 29 5 2020 (1).docx

Drop offs and pick ups week 1 Jun1-5 (1).docx


For all Reception parents



The 5 conditions have been met, so we are going ahead with our reopening plans, starting with Reception children on Monday June 1st. Please see below for the relevant letters and information

reopening letter May 29 2020.doc

Arrangements for reopening school UPDATE 1 29 5 2020.docx

Drop offs and pick ups week 1 Jun1-5.docx

Letter to Reception parents 29 5 2020.doc

Letter to Y1-Y6 Keyworkers & Vulnerables 29 5 2020.doc



We are planning to reopen school for Reception children on Monday June 1st.  This will be followed by Year 1 on Monday June 8th, and Year 6 from Monday June 15th. This is subject to the government's conditions for reopening being met. The final decision will be made on Thursday May 28th.

Please see the documents below for more information. Key worker and vulnerable children should continue to attend (as now).

reopening letter May 21st 2020.doc

Arrangements for reopening school FINAL May 21.docx

If you are a key worker, or if you have a child classed aas vulnerable, please return the form below if you wish your child to attend from June 1st

Keyworker and vulnerable pupil response June 1 onwards.docx


Please see below letters regarding Mrs Herbert's maternity leave. Miss Newman (Y2) will be assisting with her class when they return.

Letter re Mrs Herbert maternity leave May 21 2020 v2.doc

Letter re Miss Newman May 21 2020.doc



I have written to parents today outlining our initial response to the government proposals:

reopening letter May 15 2020 v2.doc

We plan to bring in Reception children first (June 1st) followed by Year 1 (June 8th) then Year 6 (week of June 15th). More details will follow next week, and it is still possible that this timetable may change if there are further government announcements. The latest government guidance can be found here:

Preparing for the wider reopening of schools on June 1


On Sunday 10th, the Prime Minister announced that schools are going to be asked to begin preparations for a gradual return to school. This was given more detail on Monday 11th: click here for the guidance for parents and carers

Further guidance has now been sent to schools and nurseries: click here to read this in full.  The 3 year groups identified for the first stages of return are Year 6, Reception and Year 1. Any return to school is still conditional on certain key tests, which may or may not be met by June 1st, and will also be dependant on our own risk assessments. We are in the process of carrying these out to see if it is safe, manageable and realistic. Any return needs to have the safety of pupils, staff and parents as the top priority. Further government guidance is now available regarding the protective measures schools are expected to have in place: click here for this document.

This is a constantly changing situation. We will keep parents informed as things develop over the next few days. There are many discussions taking place at national and local level and it is quite likely that there will be new developments which may change the above timescale.

In the meantime, we continue to be here for you and your child/ren. Please continue to encourage and support your child/ren to access the learning support available, as well as to take advantage of the increased opportunity for exercise, especially whilst the weather continues to be good.

Best wishes to you all


7/5/20: Half term provision

If you wish your child to come into school in half term (May 26-29) please return this form by Friday 15th May (key workers and vulnerable pupils only)

Half term request form for critical workers.docx


1/5/20 -  update

We are now two weeks into Term 5, and numbers have risen a little in school to around 40 per day. We are hoping for an announcement next week regarding plans for easing the lockdown at some point, and what this will mean for schools. Please look at the latest newsletter for additional information, as well as news on staffing and plans for next year. 

Your child's teacher is available every day during school hours, but please be aware that some staff are in school on a rota basis, so may not be available to respond quickly. Contact them by class dojo or on google classroom. If you have any particular concerns, contact Mr Freeman via the school office.


20/4/20 update

As we start a new term it is really important to encourage your child to get into a good daily routine. We have been reviewing the tasks teachers have been setting to make sure they are both manageable and enjoyable. We are looking to make sure there is a balance between 'core' learning (maths and English) and the creative aspects, with more emphasis on the latter.


Keeping children safe during a prolonged period of school closure

We have produced an appendix to our safeguarding policy which sets out how we aim to keep children safe during this period, at school and at home. Please click here to see this guidance, which should be read together with our fully safeguarding policy.


Previous updates:

Please see the latest newsletter with an update on the situation in school and how we are supporting home learning

Newsletter 9 April 3 2020v2.pdf

26/3/2020 update

letter 1 March 26 2020.doc

Easter holiday request form for critical workers.docx


20/03/20 - update

As you will be aware, we are now closed to most pupils, and from Monday 23rd March only pupils where one or both parents are keyworkers, or where the child is classed as vulnerable, will be able to attend. The expectation is that most children, even in these two cases, will be looked after at home in order to help slow the rate of infection and protect the most vulnerable.

Please click on the links below to access the letter explaining this, and to access the response form.

school closure letter 20 3 20.pdf

Keyworker response form for childcare during Covid19

If your situation changes, please get in touch with us by phone or email. We are aiming to keep the office running, although with reduced staff. If you need help or family support, again, contact us or the relevant agency.

Thanks to everyone for your good wishes. Let’s hope everyone stays safe over the coming months. We will keep everyone regularly updated by email and through the school website.


Home Learning


 As most of the teachers will be working from home, we will be supporting your child's home learning as fully as possible. We will be using a variety of online learning resources, including some existing favourites (times tables rock stars), but also some new ones. We are currently setting up google classroom for all KS2 children. This will allow children to download work for the teacher to comment and mark.

Please let us know if you have limited (or no) access to a computer or tablet and we will make sure you are provided with actual resources. It is really important that we keep children's learning going over the coming weeks and (probably) months.

Please see the following letter for further details, and also visit your child's Year Group page on the website.

Parent Home Learning Guide St Michaels 20 3 20.docx


For further information:

Government advice on keyworkers etc March 20

Advice for educational settings

Materials to support good hygiene practice

Advice on trips (March 2020); Domestic trips are still okay to go ahead, schools should check with the venue before going

Local Authority letter:

Letter to parents - school closures on 20_03_20.pdf








Key workers: please check this list. If your child is likely to attend school we may ask to see evidence of your employment

What is coronavirus?

A coronavirus is a type of virus. As a group, coronaviruses are common across the world. COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus first identified in Wuhan City, China in January 2020.

The incubation period of COVID-19 is between 2 and 14 days. This means that if a person remains well 14 days after contact with someone with confirmed coronavirus, it is unlikely that they have been infected.

The following symptoms may develop in the 14 days after exposure to someone who has COVID-19 infection:

  • cough
  • difficulty in breathing
  • fever

Generally, these infections can cause more severe symptoms in people with weakened immune systems, older people, and those with long-term conditions like diabetes, cancer and chronic lung disease. There is no evidence that children are more affected than other age groups – very few cases have been reported in children.