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St Michael's CofE Primary School

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Home Learning

This page will be continually updated, so please check in regularly.   

Term 6 Week 7 - Learning for Monday 13th - Friday 17th July 2020 


Term 6 - week 7  timetable - 13.7.20

Please play on Numbots or Times table rockstars and do some reading each day.


Please follow the lessons on the weekly timetable. In this weeks lessons we will be learning about money.

All Maths worksheets can be found below.

Maths resources for this week (13/7/20):

 Colour by number.pdfDownload
 L1 - Recognising coins.pdfDownload
 L2 - Recognising notes.pdfDownload
 L3 - Counting in coins.pdfDownload
 Year 1 Summer Maths Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
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Plan for Term 6 - Week 6 and Week 7 (6.7.20 and 13.7.20) 

Please continue working through the topic activities. These can be used for your child's project/topic work each day. This is a 2 week topic plan. 

Topic resources for this week:

 7.-sun-sea-and-beach-safety-information-powerpoint_ver_1 (1).pptDownload
 Beach Safety.pptDownload
 memories of year 1.pdfDownload
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 Please continue to read your child's reading book with them at home.

Read the same book 3 times:

  • 1st read to practise phonics 
  • 2nd read to check comprehension
  • 3rd read for fluency and expression

Once they have completed their book and they are reading it confidently, please look at the free ebooks online.


Oxford Owl are offering free ebooks for children to access at home. You will need to follow the link and register as a parent.

There are a few Read, Write, Inc books for your child to read, but also plenty of Oxford Reading Tree or project X books which are suitable too. 

Search for any ebooks in age 4-5 or 5-6 to find books your child is comfortable to read.


Also, read other books at home with your child. Reading to your child is very important too.


-Adults reading stories for children




Your child should continue to practise their weekly spellings each day.  (Fri 17th July)

Monday to Thursday can be practise sessions, and Friday can continue to be a spelling quiz. 


Read Write Inc Schedule 

There are now 3 different types of Read Write Inc teaching videos for the children to watch          (see schedule above)

  1. Phonics Speed Sounds  (usual videos)

  2. Read longer words

  3. Read red words (choose which video is suitable for         your child depending on which colour books they are         reading).


Watch the Read Write Inc video lessons by using the link below


Use the sound mats below to practise reading all of the sounds every day.

 set-1-2-and-3-rhymes (2).pdfDownload
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Phonics words to read and spell

 Instructions for daily phonics writing.docxDownload
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Additional phonics activities

 flashcards- set 2 and 3.docxDownload
 Phase 3 phonics booklet.pdfDownload
 Phase 5 Phonics Activity Booklet.pdfDownload
 Phonics practise reading 1.pdfDownload
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Help with handwriting

 letter-formation-chart-rhymes (1).pdfDownload
 Set 1 and 2 sound mat.docxDownload
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Mrs Murray has set up music activities for each year group through an online music resource called charanga.


Username: p7454000

password: atomic

You can also look at the schools music website page here 




Mrs Fraser has got some great art ideas to try on the schools art website page. Follow the link here:


Useful websites



Continue to use numbots and work through the different levels. 



Tasks have been set for children to complete. 



Use the interactive hundred square to support with addition, subtraction and number recognition. 



A range of maths and phonics games


Please continue to:
Chant in 2's, 5's and 10's (Use 100 square if needed)
Learn number bonds of 10 ( 1+9=10, 2+8=10 etc) https://www.ictgames.com/saveTheWhale/index.html
Learn number bonds of 20 ( 1+19=20, 2+18=20 etc) https://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/funkyMummy/index.html
Identify numbers 0-100 on the interactive hundred square and be able to write the digits for these.
Spell numbers 0-20.

Use the website links as games to help with these tasks, as well as the children writing in their books.


Phonics / English / Reading


Read Write Inc phonics videos



Phonics play have provided free access to parents to use their site. To access resources you need to log in using the following details;

Username - march20

Password- home



Oxford owl are offering free ebooks for children to access at home. You will need to follow the link and register. 


All resources


Free resources available. 




BBC Bite size lessons for all subjects



The Oak National Academy lessons for all subjects




Joe wicks (YouTube channel-TheBodyCoachTV)

 - Joe wicks is running daily PE sessions for children.


Cosmic kids yoga -







Learn computer programming skills - fun and free


Red Ted Art


Easy arts and crafts


Toy Theater


Educational online games

Previous learning Term 6

Maths week beg: 6/7/20

 L1 Doubles sheet.docxDownload
 L2 repeated addition worksheet.docxDownload
 L3 groups of.docxDownload
 L4 multiplication.pdfDownload
 L5 arrays.docxDownload
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Topic week beg: 6/7/20

 2. Comparing seaside holidays now and then.pdfDownload
 3. what to take on holiday.pdfDownload
 4.Seasons picture.pdfDownload
 5.seaside craft ideas.docxDownload
 7.-sun-sea-and-beach-safety-information-powerpoint_ver_1 (1).pptDownload
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Tick list for activities
If you would like to print off a new checklist, please find one below.
Your child should try to complete the listed activities and tick them off, but how you structure this is up to you.