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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

A big thank you to the PTFA for funding the 'Living Eggs' project!




Please contact the school office if you would like to talk about adopting one of our chicks.



Day 1 - The eggs have arrived! We have two incubators, one in the Year 1 conservatory and one in the ICT room. I wonder which batch will hatch first. Eggciting times!

Day 2 - Nothing to report yet. Fingers crossed we have some movement tomorrow.

Day 3 - The chicks in the ICT room have started to hatch! We have three healthy looking chicks at the moment and a few more have started to peck their way out! The chicks in the Year 1 conservatory are yet to make an appearance.

UPDATE! - two more chicks have hatched and two more are currently on their way out. Our first two chicks to hatch (Gertrude and Fluffy) are now happily exploring their new home in the blue brooder box.

Day 4 - what an eggciting day! The chicks in the Year 1 conservatory have started to hatch now. In total we have twelve healthy chicks! The children (and staff!) have really enjoyed watching them hatch over the last couple of days.

Day 5 - All the hatched chicks have now been moved from the incubators into the blue brooder boxes. The children can't wait to handle them next week.

UPDATE!- Two more chicks hatched but sadly they were looking poorly. They had large pieces of shell still stuck to their bodies. After a quick phone call to the lovely people at 'living eggs' we knew what to do. We gave them a warm bath and put them back into the incubator. Fingers crossed they will be okay!

The six eggs that were left (three of which chirp!) have gone to their weekend carer in the incubator. The twelve healthy chicks are currently on their way to their weekend carer too.

Day 6 - The chicks are very happy at their weekend homes. The two poorly chicks are now much fluffier and active. Three more chicks have come out but are in need of some TLC.