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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -




Miss Port-Louis (Class 3.1 - Mondays to Thursdays) 

Miss Bradley - (Class 3.1 - Fridays) - Assistant Head Teacher

Mr Ryan  (Class 3.2)

Miss Gundy (Class 3.3)

We have three Teaching Assistants who work in Year 3: Mrs Morgan, Mr Symmons and Mrs McCann.

Our reading assistant is: Mrs Golder


Due to using Class Dojo, this page of the school website is only used for letters, curriculum information and useful dates.

Please check your 'Class Story' on Class Dojo for all day-to-day information.


TT Rockstars

My Maths


Daily Class Dojo Message

 Friday 3rd April.docxDownload
 Thursday 2nd April.docxDownload
 Wednesday 1st April.docxDownload
 Tuesday 31st March.docxDownload
 Monday 30th March.docxDownload
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Maths Tasks

 Maths homework grid.docxDownload
 6. Adding lengths.docxDownload
 6.-adding-lengths small group.docxDownload
 7. Subtract lengths.docxDownload
 7.-subtract-lengths small group.docxDownload
 8. Perimeter 1.pptDownload
 8..-measure-perimeter small group.docxDownload
 9.. Perimeter 2.pptDownload
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Maths Answer Sheets

 6..answers-adding-lengths - Copy.docxDownload
 7. answers-subtract-lengths.docxDownload
 Answers extra-measurement-word-problems.docxDownload
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Maths Concepts Help

Times Tables Rock Stars

Tournaments this week:

This week, 3.1 will be facing 3.3 while in 3.2 it's boys vs girls. Good luck!

Rainbow Maths Practise Sheets

 1. Practise Red Test A x2 x5 x 10 sheet.docxDownload
 2. Practise Orange Test A x2 x5 x 10 x 3 sheet.docxDownload
 3. Practise Yellow Test A x2 x5 x10 x3 and x4 sheet.docxDownload
 4. Practise Green Test A x2 x5 x10 x3 x4 x8 sheet.docxDownload
 5. Practise Blue Test A x2 x5 x10 x3 x4 x8 x6 sheet.docxDownload
 6. Practise Indigo Test A x2 x5 x10 x3 x4 x8 x6 x7 sheet.docxDownload
 7. Practise Violet Test A x2 x5 x10 x3 x4 x8 x6 x7 x9 sheet.docxDownload
 8. Practise Bronze Test A 10 x 10.docxDownload
 9. Practise Silver Test A 12 x 12.docxDownload
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Suggested Timetable for Home Learning

Writing Tasks

 6. Front cover book design.docxDownload
 Dragon Reports.pptxDownload
 The Boy Who Grew Dragons box ideas (1).pptxDownload
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Grammar Tasks

 Grammar help sheet.docxDownload
 Grammar Revision 2.pdfDownload
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Spelling Tasks

This week's spellings have been created using Spelling Frame. Click on the link below to go to each group's list for this week. Everything on the page will be designed to help your child practise their spellings in a variety of fun ways for this week.

Green Group

or go to Spelling Frame and use the word list code 22958

Blue Group

or go to Spelling Frame and use the word list code 22961

Orange Group

or go to Spelling Frame and use the word list code 22963

Red Group

or go to Spelling Frame and use the word list code 22965


Term 4 Spelling Lists

 Green group.docxDownload
 Blue Group.docxDownload
 Orange Group.docxDownload
 Red Group.docxDownload
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Fitness and Well-being Tasks

 Fitness and well being.pptxDownload
 OUTDOOR HUNT.docxDownload
 inside and outside suggestions.docxDownload
 save in our fitness section fitness cards.pdfDownload
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Easter Holidays Activities

 Easter activities.docxDownload
 Easter mystery.pdfDownload
 Design Easter eggs.pdfDownload
 Easter Jokes Matching Activity.pdfDownload
 Easter basket.pdfDownload
 Easter chick origami.pdfDownload
 Mrs Fraser's Art.docxDownload
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 L5 Remembering Holy Week.pptxDownload
 L5 memory box.docxDownload
 Easter comic strip.pdfDownload
 Easter skills.pdfDownload
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 Reading Tasks

Year 3 Recommended Reading

 Year 3 Recommended Reading.docxDownload
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 Book reviews.pptxDownload
 Book review templates.docxDownload
 Reading Comprehension 2.pdfDownload
 Reading Booklets 1.pdfDownload
 Answer Booklets 1.pdfDownload
 Marking Schemes 1.pdfDownload
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Science and Topic Tasks

 The Boy Who Grew Dragons box ideas (1).pptxDownload
 Sunflower homework.docDownload
 Activity Sheet Roll and Draw Plant Game.docDownload
 Facts for poster.pdfDownload
 Life cycle of a flowering plant use this.docxDownload
 Life Cycle Powerpoint.pptDownload
 Parts of a flower.pdfDownload
 Parts of a flower.pptDownload
 Pollination comic strip.pdfDownload
 Pollination facts for comic strip.docxDownload
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Useful Websites

BBC - Digital learning resources for primary and secondary



Go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter code UKTWINKLHELP for a free month's subscription




Scratch - Creative computer programming


National Geographic Kids - Activities and quizzes for younger kids



Duolingo Learn languages for free


 Mystery Science - Free science lessons


Prodigy Maths - Is in U.S. grades, but good for UK Primary age


 Nature Detectives - A lot of these can be done in a garden, or if you can get to a remote forest location!


 The Artful Parent - Good, free art activities


Extended Maths challenges


Khan Learning (Maths tutorials)


 Carol Vorderman Maths Tuition https://www.themathsfactor.com/