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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

Home Learning

(last updated: 30/3/2020 - Week 2 home learning, Easter craft ideas)

Due to the government announcement to close schools to most pupils from Friday 20th March 2020 until further notice, we have created this home learning page. We have added a timetable for learning and some useful website links and resources.

This page will be regularly updated so check in as often as you can. Please let your Class Teacher know if there are any other additional resources that you would like. 

Timetable for Reception

Please see the documents below for this weeks suggested home learning. 

Week 2

 Daily suggested timetable with times.docxDownload
 Visual timetable.docxDownload
 WEEK 2_MONDAY.docxDownload
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Easter craft and activity ideas

Indoor Challenges

Complete as many challenges as you can. Work your way through the list in any order and cross the box when you have finished it. Of course you can repeat these as many times as you like!

Keep this tick list safe so you can bring it back to school when we are back together again. Enjoy!



Please continue to read your child's reading book with them at home

Read the same book 3 times: 

- 1st read to practise phonics

 - 2nd read to check comprehension

 -  3rd read for fluency and expression 

Once they have completed their book and they are reading it confidently, please look at the free ebooks online.


Oxford owl are offering free ebooks for children to access at home. You will need to follow the link and register as a parent. 

Also, read other books at home with your child. Reading to you child is very important too.


 - Adults reading stories for children

Phonics Speed Sounds lessons

Watch the Read Write Inc video lessons by using the link below (Set 1 9.30am, Set 2 10.00am).


Pronunciation of sounds 

Literacy resources

 Picture writing prompts.pdfDownload
 Set 2 sounds mat.pdfDownload
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Number recognition

Regularly show children the numbers 1- 20 so they are confident recognising them and encourage them to have ago at ordering them.


Number hunt - Hide the numbers around your home and ask your child to find a particular number.

Board games - Encourage your child to read the number on the dice. Make your own board game for example (snakes and ladders)

Lego counting - Ask your child to build a tower e.g. can you build a tower using 15 blocks?


2D and 3D shape hunt – Can the children find the shapes in the house or garden?

- Cylinder, sphere, cube, cone, pyramid

- Square, circle, triangle, rectangle

Maths resources

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Useful Websites

Other resources


Free resources available. 


 30 Day Lego Challenge.JPGDownload
 Speech and Language apps_websites.jpgDownload
 STEM activities (R:KS1).JPGDownload
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