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St Michael's CofE Primary School

- Let Your Light Shine -

Secondary Schools

Children looking to move to secondary school at the end of year 6 are encouraged to start looking round school while your child is in Year 5. Most secondary schools hold a number of open days in September. The closing date for applications to secondary schools is usually around mid-October.

Admissions are mostly handled by the Local Authority, but if the school you are applying for is an academy (and most secondary schools are now academies) you should always check their arrangements.

For further information about South Glos admissions please visit their website (click here)

For other local authorities (eg Bristol) you will need to check on their websites for information.


Local Secondary Schools

If you live in or near Stoke Gifford, there are three secondary schools covering this area: Abbeywood Community School; Bradley Stoke Community School; Patchway Community College

The majority of the children from St Michael's go on to Abbeywood School, whilst others go to a variety of schools elsewhere in South Glos or Bristol.




Maths at Abbeywood: a message from the Head of maths


Mixed attainment Maths at Abbeywood Community School

At Abbeywood we pride ourselves on being a deeply inclusive school, as a result most subjects are taught in mixed attaining groups. Last year English, who have never put students into sets at Abbeywood and has consistently produced strong outcomes for both English literature and language, achieved over 70% of students attaining a grade 4 or above last summer. The Maths team made the decision to go to mixed attaining sets too for the start of this academic year after much research and planning. We are adopting a similar 'guided learning' model as that being used in our English Faculty.

By developing a thorough understanding of prior learning we will enable all students to work on their strengths and areas for development at the right time and at the right pace to engender a deep understanding of subject content. Through expert teaching and ongoing formative assessment students' understanding is constantly being checked and students are grouped together based on their prior knowledge and competency with any particular topic - that way the groupings are fluid and the pedagogy can be highly responsive the changing learning needs of the students.

Our focus will be on all students to ensure they all have opportunities to work towards fantastic outcomes at GCSE and beyond. We are acutely aware of the need to maximise the challenge for our most able students. They will benefit from being allowed time to become (and remain) expert in all areas of the curriculum - including the increased exposure to problem solving which the new specification entails. However, to ensure progress towards A-Level mathematics and beyond our team will deliver regular challenge questions an enriching UK Maths Challenge Club and an opportunity to study Further Mathematics as a precursor to their post 16 studies.

Throughout each year from 7 to 11 we guide students through the five key strands of mathematics which make up the current GCSE specification (number, algebra, geometry, ratio and proportion, statistics and probability). Each topic will be supported using a range of Doddle Progress Tests (www.doddlelearn.co.uk). These short low stakes tests allow students, teachers and parents to understand explicitly where a young person’s strengths and development needs lie - further enabling our team to personalise learning for each student and using targeted intervention to close knowledge gaps where required. Students are also advised to use MathsWatch (vle.mathswatch.com) and the PiXL Maths App (mathsapp.pixl.org.uk/PMA.swf) to further secure their understanding of all topic areas. These give excellent opportunities for parents to support students at home - watching videos, working through examples and past paper questions together.

The Maths team at Abbeywood are committed to raising standards of learning and understanding of mathematics at all levels and look forward to supporting students and parents to achieve this goal over the coming weeks, months and years.

Kind regards

Simon Hardy

Leader of Learning